Would you like to be able to use your software straight away?

Let us reduce the cost and simplify the Application Packaging of your business critical applications and updates.

Apptimized from Revacom is the most complete and cost effective solution for new desktop software, update and patch management, OS migration and virtualization.

Package faster and cheaper than ever before.

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Do you want your Application Packaging to be faster, easier, simpler, better and cheaper?

Revacom is the application packaging specialist.

Revacom have been supplying industry-leading application packaging services for over a decade. Over 250 customers have come to us to deliver their application packaging needs.

If your strategy is: Cloud or hosted, user enablement via self-service & BYOD, out-tasking or outsourcing, or in-house packaging with external overflow and project support, then our services perfectly fit your Application Packaging needs. Ranging from Managed Services and Professional Services to a Self Service model or a combination approach. Each one supported by a model to reduce your costs and streamline your processes.

Revacom is in a unique position to understand application packaging. Using our unequalled experience and vision of the future needs of our customers, we have developed the Apptimized Delivery Model, an approach to application packaging which will:

  • Fix your application packaging spend
  • Reduce your application packaging costs
  • De-risk your application migration programmes
  • Improve your application security compliance
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Remove the need for application compatibility testing

By combining Revacom’s global engineering capabilities with our tried and tested automation engine, we can take all the headaches that come with traditional application packaging activities away.

The benefits of working with Revacom.

Revacom invests in continuous improvement of its processes, methodologies, tools and technology. The Apptimized Delivery Model is the result.. Its encompassing model reduces cost, complexity and minimises any disruption during packaging and virtualisation.


  • An end-to-end All-in-One packaging service
  • Optional Self Service on a fully hosted platform
  • Industrialized Packaging Process

Simpler, suits every business

  • Non Captive model & Pay-As-You-Go
  • We integrate into any existing process

Faster, by an order of magnitude

  • In-browser discovery tooling: Legacy, MSI, App-V
  • Takes advantage of Automated packaging technology
  • Unrivalled turnaround times due to a scalable global factory setup

The “Apptimized” Transformation Process.

When you move to the Apptimized application packaging solution, you’ll start to see the benefits immediately. Because of our full-hosted approach you’ll experience an easier, stress free, much faster process without the need for expensive infrastructure investment. Apptimized is ideal for new desktop software, BAU, security update and patch management, OS migration and virtualization. Package cheaper and faster than ever before. Find out how this can work for your business.

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Enterprise, Small and Medium Business, or Software Reseller?

Preparing software for deployment has never been easier with the Revacom Apptimized service models.

Enterprise Solutions

Our Enterprise service delivers a completely tailored solution that delivers all of your Application Packaging requirements, including our industry leading automation tools and consultancy when and where it’s needed. Tell me more about Enterprise Solutions

or specifically about: Professional Services

Self Service Delivery Model

See how the hosted self-service Apptimized™ Delivery Model allows you to configure, package and download your software with only a web browser required, you’ll be ready to go in just minutes… It’s pay-as-you-go and no technical packaging skills are required from your side! Just give it a try, it's free.

Partner Models

Resellers sell software that their business customers can't use straight out of the box. The new Apptimized Core Service changes that with its unique Value Added service. Easy to implement, easy to sell, guarantees increased business and long term satisfied clients.

Schedule a demo today and discover how Apptimized™ by Revacom reinvents application packaging making it the most adaptable, cheapest, fastest, and highest quality, solution in the industry.


About Revacom

Revacom partners with businesses to rapidly deliver desktop software across the business. Revacom's flagship offering, Apptimized, is a Pay-As-You Go service that offers Application Packaging as-a-Service preparing software for deploying and enabling improved management of business-critical desktop applications, installed and virtualized. Revacom has led the industrialization of Application Packaging (MSI, App-V, and the future support of universal Windows apps - APPX format) in Europe’s largest corporations. More about Revacom

Revacom solutions are deployed at more than 250 large enterprises across all industries and verticals. Use Revacom to simplify application packaging and reduce cost.

Here are some Revacom clients: