Start your application packaging for Windows 10 today

It can be done, risk free and fast.

Apptimized Enterprise is the most complete and cost-effective solution for packaging software, updates and patches for desktops, virtualisation and OS migrations

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De-risk your Windows 10 application migration programme

Quickly assess your applications for compatibility with Windows 10. Let us simplify the application packaging of your business critical applications and updates.

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Improve your security and compliance by using Apptimized Enterprise.

Don’t let cybercriminals access your infrastructure via unpatched and obsolete software by implementing Continuous Deployment.

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Our apps are ready to run on Windows10.
Are yours?

With Microsoft’s free update offer to Windows 10 for early adopters you might have already considered an early migration.

Migrating late not only creates obvious security issues, but also leads to unacceptably high project risks and costs.

Revacom lowers the migration barrier for you. We can quickly assess your existing application packages for their suitability for Windows 10. Our affordable rapid scan is an integrated part of a unique application packaging service. Revacom’s continuous deployment approach flattens out your migration costs and makes them controllable and predictable. It enables you to start early.

Start your migtation today

Revacom is a true specialist.

Application Packaging is what we do.

For more than a decade Revacom have been supplying industry-leading application packaging services. We have and continue to successfully serve over 250 corporates and Service Providers.

To perfectly fit your application packaging needs we have developed the Apptimized Enterprise Delivery Model, an approach to application packaging which will:

  • Fix your application packaging spend
  • Reduce your application packaging costs
  • De-risk your application migration programmes
  • Improve your application security compliance
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Remove the need for application compatibility testing

If your strategy is Cloud or hosted, user enablement via self-service and BYOD, out-tasking or outsourcing, or in-house packaging with external overflow and project support our services always fit perfectly to your unique Application Packaging needs.

Your Application Packaging should be
easier, simpler, faster and cheaper.

The benefits of working with Revacom

Revacom invests in continuous improvement of its processes, methodologies, tools and technology. Our Apptimized Enterprise service reduces cost and complexity and minimises disruption during packaging and virtualisation.


  • Industrialized Packaging Process
  • End-to-end packaging service


  • Integrates into any existing process
  • Any format: Legacy, MSI, App-V


  • Apptimized Technology 'inside'
  • Unrivalled turnaround times

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Are you a Managed Service Provider?

Preparing software for deployment has never been easier with the Revacom Apptimized service models.

Our Enterprise service programme delivers a completely tailored solution that delivers all of your Application Packaging requirements, including those for the upcoming Windows 10 migration.

Our industry leading automation tools and consultancy are included when and where it’s needed. Apptimized Enterprise also offers a cloud based self-service delivery model that allows you to configure, package and download software with no technical packaging skills required from your side. Learn more about our MSP Solutions.

Learn more about our MSP Solutions.

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About Revacom

We help businesses rapidly deploy software across their business. Our Revacom solutions are deployed at more than 250 large enterprises across all industries and verticals.

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